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About us

We run Bottomless Brunch and Day Party which represents equality amongst all communities.To set the vibe, imagine games, bottomless brunches, performances, prizes, and overall fun all over London City. At our events, we want to make you happy just like payday so we take place on the last Saturday or Sunday of every month. It is a safe space to be whom you want to be whether an ally, curious or exploring we appreciate and love whomever from all walks of life. 


Our mission

At Loverz & Friendz our mission is to bring communities together. We aim to provide top service with, food, drinks and more.We understand the importance of creating a safe and enjoyable atmosphere with a healthy vibe. We started Loverz & Friendz to cater to an audience whose voices and interest was on the back burner and we hope you enjoy. We do not  tolerate any discriminatory behaviours.    

Our vision

Our vision is to grow, as we want to be No.1 bottomless brunch and day party in the UK. We want to branch out into larger-scale venues,  and host regular live performances. It is highly important for us to create a safe space to connect with the urban community, and discuss up to date trending topics on and offline. Our vision within the next 5 years is do an annual festival bringing artist together with a portion of the proceeds going to a charitable cause.  Lastly we value your support whether its word of mouth or online , we want to thank you being on this journey with us .

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